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Jacket – a short top garment (clothing), tightly fastened. Sometimes it is contrasted with a coat, like a long-legged winter and / or demi-season top clothes, as well as a man’s jacket and a female jacket, as the outer clothes in cold weather.

Modern jackets are made of water-repellent fabrics (leather, denim [, as well as fur and faux fur.] Often jackets are sewn with a warm lining, sometimes jackets are supplied with a zipper and a hood.

There are many versions of the origin of jackets, but short top warm clothes have been known from different peoples for ages. Among the northern peoples, it is known from the Mesolithic period (Olenostrovsky burial ground). Jacket-Alaskan called traditional clothing Eskimos, from which they conclude that they invented jackets [4]. Traditional top short clothing of Japanese (chaori or judogi), as well as Russian (zipun) is often classified as a jacket.

Since ancient times, they have worn jackets in Europe. In the Middle Ages, English coats were worn in leather jackets [6] and French archers (tunic and cotardi). In the Renaissance, the jacket became an integral part of the Spanish costume. In the XVII century they were worn by musketeers [8], and in the 18th century – hussars (doloman and mentik) and dragoons [. The fashion for wearing jackets in the upper classes was introduced in 1860 by the Italian revolutionary Garibaldi, and Garibaldi’s jacket was often called a blouse or shirt and was made of scarlet cashmere.

In the twentieth century, such uniform jackets as a wadded jacket, a jacket, a pea coat and an Afghan were popular.


The jacket is an object of wool knitted clothing for the upper part of the body with a clasp from the bottom to the top in front.

The jacket was the basis for the appearance of other items of shoulder knitted clothing – sweaters, pullovers, jumpers, jackets. It is worth noting that even if the sweater has a high fastening collar, it’s more correct to call it a sweater, and not a sweater.

The jacket is a piece of clothing known for many centuries. According to some reports, sweaters knitted and wore back in ancient Egypt. It is absolutely certain that sweaters were worn as a warming layer in clothing in Europe, beginning with the XIII century.

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